Product Review: Grammarly


I’ve been using the Grammarly browser extension for a few weeks now. I find it not only helpful but educational too.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than when you slap the label on yourself and announce to the world that you’re a writer and then make some rookie grammar mistake in a simple social media post or blog article. But anyone who has ever written anything can tell you mistakes are easy to overlook when the writing is your own work. And having a proofreader for every email, post or tweet just isn’t feasible unless you’re a millionaire.

Not only does it point out your errors, but it tells you why. So when you miss a comma or add in an unnecessary one, it will explain the rule behind the correction. Over time, being constantly reminded of the rules of writing improves your writing.

The proof is in the pudding as they say. I rarely promote shit. But when the product is useful and the price is free, why not?

You can download the browser extension here, or in the link below, and get a free week of premium service. But the basic service is pretty rad too.



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